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Friendly staff and a overall great experience. They helped me get what I needed even tho I didn’t have the biggest budget. Saved me a lot of money compared to any other dealership I could’ve gone to. They took a lot stress off my back with helping me find the perfect affordable car. I’d suggest requesting to work with Akeyan, he was super understanding and he worked really hard for me to get a car I wanted for a great price. Super friendly and made me feel comfortable while I was there.


a month ago

We recently purchased our vehicle from Scott Conrad at Vancouver Auto Liquidation and the service was excellent! He took the time to find out what our needs were and found us the PERFECT fit. From the time we arrived at the lot to when we drove away in our new van, we were handled by caring professionals. Definitely check them out, you will not be disappointed!!

eli attwood

a month ago

This company bent over backwards to give me the best experience. They are absolutely amazing and if you want to walk away happy, and content with your decision this is the place to go. They will work with you to help you walk away feeling great about your decision. They are honest, knowledgeable and great at what they do. I highly recommend!

Laurel Gibbons

a month ago

This one might be a bit lengthy, but should be worth the read. I purchased a 2012 Chev Equinox from VAL a few months back. The vehicle did have 220,000 KM on it so was extensively used, but the price was good and given the build year seemed like a reasonably safe bet. I even opted out of any extra warranty. This was a bad decision on my part given what happened only a few months (4000KM) later. Long story short, the entire engine was shot. It had to be entirely rebuilt for almost the price of the vehicle. The cylinders and pistons all need replacing. The timing chain was worn out. The list goes on and on. Given the huge cost I went back to VAL to have a talk with them about the matter. Even though I didn't have an extra warranty I felt they still should bear some of the burden. After a few discussions with the owner we reached a reasonable agreement as to the division of the cost. In the end I was out a lot more money than I wanted to be, but VAL did step up and help share the burden somewhat. The owner stood behind his product and proved a reasonable person to deal with given the difficult situation. There were no winners in this situation, but again, I feel it deserves mentioning that VAL and the sales staff are honest and reasonable people that stood behind their product when "push came to shove" if you will. -W. Smith

Wendell Smith

6 months ago

I just recently bought a 2014 Ford Escape from here and my experience was awesome. Bryan was very helpful and personal, gave me a great price for my trade in and got me a deal on the new car. When I went back to hand in my spare key and get some questions answered, Oliver was very helpful and had the issue resolved within a couple minutes. They don't waste your time and give the best service. I would highly recommend getting a car from these guys.

sydney evans

9 months ago

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